email marketing

Create, Send & Track – Email Marketing:
Whether you call it an email blast, an e-newsletter or a mass email campaign, it’s all the same. Email marketing is the practice of sending an email to a list of people in an effort to sell them something, to get them to become a member, register for an event or convert in some other way. If done right, email marketing can be one of the most effective marketing strategy for a business.

The most important components of email marketing include:

Building and managing a list of email subscribers
Crafting a strategic message
Analyzing open rates and click-throughs

Our Email Marketing Services
We offer services for two different email marketing campaigns and both include an attractive professional email template with your logo.

-Single Topic Campaign

A single topic campaigns’ primary purpose it to target groups that share similar interests. These email are usually customized and sent to a list of specific clients or potential prospects.
-Newsletter Campaign
The newsletter campaigns’ purpose is to share blog posts, sales, specials and other company news. The newsletters are more general and are sent to all subscribers.