Every restaurant has different goals for their online marketing campaign, we believe the two packages below offer the greatest value for a local restaurant. 

Choose one of our Restaurant SEO packages and let us find the opportunities your business is missing.

What to expect from our Restaurant SEO Packages

Are these the only plans?

These are the only set restaurant plans that we currently offer, we do offer monthly package plans a-la-carte.  If you need something custom, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss our consulting services with you.

Are there any commitments?

Yes, we do require a 6-month agreement on these packages.  We do a ton of up-front work on these plans and actually lose money on the first half of them, plus all online marketing experts will tell you that it takes time to see improvement in search engines.  This allow us enough time to get all the work done right and to be able to show you great results.

Are there any setup fees?

No!  The goal of this program is to make proper digital marketing affordable for local businesses.  We know large up-front fees can be tough on local businesses and have created a system & service combo that avoids them.

Do I get to keep the website if I cancel?

As long as you fulfill the full year of your contract, we will deliver your website files to you if you wish to cancel.  You will lose out on all the added features, such as the lead tracking, website forms, spam protection and any other premium features that are included with our service.  You will be responsible for finding a new hosting provider and installing the website on your new server, as well as any DNS changes involved.  If you aren’t able to get this working, we will bill you our monthly hosting fee until your new hosting provider is live.

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