First Impressions
At 1200DIGITAL, we believe an up-to-date web design is the crucial first step to online success. That’s why we make it our goal to help our customers embrace the latest design trends and web standards. It’s a bold undertaking, but it’s what keeps you ahead of the competition.
Choosing the Right Web Design Option
You have plenty of decisions to make when you redesign your website or build a completely new one, but your first step in the process doesn’t have to be complicated. All you have to do is choose one of three major paths:
1. Design and Build A New Custom Site
A custom designed website is completely unique to your brand and ensures that no other company has the same look or feel. In essence, it’s a direct reflection of your company. 1200DIGITALs’ custom site process starts with discovery and strategy planning and then moves into design and development phases, based on your exact needs. All websites use templates in CSS, so in this case we are building you your own template that can be customizable and nobody else can copy.

Your site can look exactly how you want it to, behave without limitations and be built in your choice of content management system (CMS). Custom web sites take an average of 100 hours to plan, design, code, and test; and thus require a properly set budget.

2. Build A Pre-Coded Site
Today, hundreds of functional and attractive pre-coded templates are available that serve as a great starting point and save a ton of time. Many are already responsive, meaning that they’re tablet- and mobile-friendly. Templates are generic and anyone else can use them, which is why we use them as a starting point and framework. We will help you choose and extensively customize your template and user experience so that it will become unique to your company, and save you more than 50% on cost as compared to building a custom website. Starting from under $1K. Learn more about 1200DIGITALs’ website template program here:
3. Tweak Your Current Site
This is the fastest and least expensive way to optimize your website (if you have one). We will start by examining your existing site and help you plan a strategy that revives and enhances for conversions. The strategy may be simple, with minor homepage and subpage updates, or it may involve a major overhaul of the whole website.
No matter your choice, we’ll create a custom solution for your organization based on a planned strategy.
Responsive Website
A responsive design means the website will adjust to fit any size screen—whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone—without sacrificing content. The content is simply reformatted and reorganized to fit neatly within the screen of your device.

Rather than creating a totally separate mobile site, a responsive design keeps everything on one website under a single domain. That means less risk of redirect errors and less upkeep for you.